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Of Barrow Wights

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Of Barrow Wights

Posted by RickHebert at July 27. 2011


I posted the following to the MERP email list regarding a couple of specific powers of the Barrow Wight.

I will post my email replies and leave it to those who replied to me to add to it. Thanks!



I am reading through the excellent article, "Of Barrow Wights" by
Neville Percy  in Other Minds Magazine, Issue 1

In the specific powers there is a "dark enchantment" that is mentioned
called, "Mazes Unseen".
I have looked for this spell in the MERP rulebook but have failed to
find any reference to it.

We have a game coming up and the adventure features a Barrow Wight,
and I am using the material found in this issue.

I intend to have the adventure first take place involving a group of
fairly low level "red shirts" that I will have the players role play
who will encounter the Barrow Wight. The outcome will not be good for
these poor unfortunates I am afraid.

The intent is to be able to present as much of the horror that is
associated with the Barrow Wight as I possibly can before setting the
real character's loose against this foe. I feel certain the
anticipation will be high. I just hope I don't scare them so much they
avoid the encounter lol

Anyway, I need more information regarding the "Mazes Unseen" and also
the following paragraph mentions "Night Under Night"

Are there any specifications to go along with these awefull powers of
the Barrow Wight?


Re: Of Barrow Wights

Posted by RickHebert at July 27. 2011

I combed through the ICE spell law lists and didn't find anything similar to this. I am wondering if anyone has "house rules" type of
spells to cover anything like this?

In the meantime I have been devising my own version. But I am not a rule-smith per say, and am a bit unsure of what I have come up with so
far. I would appreciate input on this.

If you get a chance to review this, and please make any comments or additions to this I would be most appreciative. I am trying to be
"fair" as such things go and not exceed the power level of the Barrow Wight, which can be a difficult thing to determine.

These ideas are based off of an ICE MERP Barrow Wight stats as given in the "Creatures of Middle Earth" publication.
Mazes Unseen

An illusory enchantment normally used in conjunction with the Fear and Fog powers of the Barrow Wight that causes the victim to endure a
controlled form of confusion whereby upon failing RR will not be able to choose a correct path to escape the vicinity chosen by the Barrow

The victim will see illusions of obstructions based on the terrain they are in and attempt to maneuver around these illusory obstructions
which always cause the victim to maneuver in directions back towards the spell's epicenter.
The Confusion component causes the victim to not realize they are moving back towards the center.

Area of Effect- I have two possibilities; One ... the spell is portable, the second is location centered.

1. The enchantment covers a 1/4 mile radius with the center point chosen by the Barrow Wight being the point at which the enchantment is
cast. (I tend to gravitate towards this version given that from Neville Percy's text, a Barrow Wight might travel a short distance
from the Barrow on occasion)

2. Alternatively the epicenter may be at the Barrow Wight's lair, where it's center of power would be, possibly with a larger radius.

Each victim gets a RR for each round of movement.

Failure- causes the victim to maneuver in such a manner that redirects his path back towards the center of the enchantment at full movement
Success- allows the victim to choose the direction of his movement for that round.

Given the number of feet in a 1/4 mile, and if the victim were at the epicenter which would be highly likely, it would take 5 or 6
consecutive Successes to be free of the Maze.

Duration- All Night, is dispelled at dawn



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